Ohm - untitled - Model BS-205 Series For - BONGSHIN

We used it as M8C in the September 2005 2m Trophy and won the UK Open Section. We used it again in the November 2005 CW contest and won the Multi-op section. And it was again used for M8C in the March and September 2006 contests and then for M0MAD during March and September 2007. On-air signal reports have been very good and many stations have been very complimentary about the quality of our signal.

Some of the above photos show the special version of the SE-6AS7G, which employs a HPF (high pass filter) switch to select either full range or high frequencies. Another pair of pre-amp RCA outputs can be added to let this amp perform as a transformer output pre-amplifier. A pre-amp / power amp switch can alternate between speaker output or pre-amp output. This option will cost an additional C$300.

*Should the installation be such that it is detuning the DX-EE, we recommend the use of an antenna tuner to cancel the reactances and achieve normal swr and resonance.

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