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I'm not gonna say anything else other than I'm lucky to be alive. As are many others… and so many people are gone… this is heartbreaking

Despite Gwen and Heather winning several of the post merge challenges, Owen fared much better than the two of them in I Triple Dog Dare You! , at one point having twenty freebies. Midway through, Gwen convinces Owen to help her get rid of Heather once and for all, and Owen agrees to share half his freebies with Gwen if she would share her winnings with him and, if he wins, she would buy him a box of donuts. Heather is unable to finish all her assigned dares, which ultimately causes her to get eliminated. In the finale , while Owen initially had the same number of supporters as Gwen, he gains the support of everyone other than Trent , Cody , Leshawna , and Eva once he states he will use his money to throw a party on a yacht. He is in the lead for most of the challenge, as his supporters, primarily Heather, Izzy, and Geoff, help him get through several of them. However, this is counterproductive, as Owen gets distracted by Justin 's powers, much like Gwen. Owen also gets a sudden stomachache midway through the race, and loses precious time in the bathroom, due to eating a laxative filled muffin that was intended for Gwen. With Owen now significantly behind, Izzy uses a large fan to blow the scent of freshly baked brownies to attract him. Upon discovering the scent, Owen rushes to the finish line, knocking Gwen in the process. Depending on the ending, Owen either crosses the finish line and wins the prize money and the final marshmallow, which he eats, or he stops just short of it, allowing Gwen to cross it instead. In both endings, Owen, Duncan and Geoff throw Chris into the lake to finish off the season.

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Owen is also interested in helping disadvantaged children. Since 1985, his annual golf tournament benefits the Alabama Sheriff's Departments Youth Ranches, and has raised over $1 million.

Chris Owen - Never Gonna Love AgainChris Owen - Never Gonna Love AgainChris Owen - Never Gonna Love AgainChris Owen - Never Gonna Love Again