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Sir Gaston is shown with Sir Maurice as it seems all hope is lost in the war, a noise is soon heard at the door. Gaston, Maurice and Belle approach it but nothing is there when it is opened, they turn to see that Rumplestiltskin is sitting in the throne. As Maurice and Rumple converse, Gaston begins to draw his sword, and, when Rumple names his price of defeating the ogres as Belle, Gaston puts his foot down. He tells the deal maker that Belle is engaged to him but Rumple reminds Gaston that that's not what he asked. Belle agrees to go, and, when her fiancé and father try to stop her, she reminds them that she chooses her own fate. (" Skin Deep ") One day, whilst living as Rumple's prisoner, Belle runs into her childhood friend, Samuel , who reveals he is trying to rescue her, per requests from Maurice and Gaston. However, this means trapping the Dark One in Pandora's Box , and also obtaining the dagger , which he has his own intentions for. (" Out of the Past ") Later, Gaston shows up at Rumple's castle for Belle, however, Rumple, who has grown a fancy towards Belle, is completely non-threatened and uses his magic to turn Gaston into a lovely red rose. Rumple gives the rose to Belle who is appreciative. He asks her about her betrothed and she tells him that her and Gaston's relationship was that of an arranged marriage and that she could never really give her heart to someone as superficial as he. (" Skin Deep ")

During the beginning of the movie, he is working on a machine that automatically chops up firewood. Once it is successfully working, he leaves for the County Fair to display his invention. However, he is unable to make it to the fair due to getting lost in the woods. After going down a path that results in the loss of his horse and cart, and being attacked and nearly killed by a pack of rabid wolves , he winds up at the gate of a dark castle. When he enters the castle to stay for the night, he ends up being locked up by the Beast, the castle's master.

Gaston - What Time Does Your Train Leave Today ?Gaston - What Time Does Your Train Leave Today ?Gaston - What Time Does Your Train Leave Today ?Gaston - What Time Does Your Train Leave Today ?